Manage Unplanned Maintenance in Facilities

Be ever ready to address unplanned maintenance! Take action faster when the equipment and assets go offline with real-time alerts.

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Unplanned Maintenance management system

What is Unplanned Maintenance?

Any maintenance task that occurs unexpectedly is called unplanned maintenance; it is mostly the result of equipment breakdown/failure that was not expected. Unplanned maintenance takes place when no other formal strategy is in place to address the repair.


Unplanned vs Unscheduled Maintenance

Though unplanned and unscheduled maintenance sounds similar, they have a few key differences. Unplanned maintenance is totally unexpected maintenance; hence no predefined plan is in place to address it; whereas unscheduled maintenance is planned but not scheduled/assigned to operators.
Maintenance activities can be planned and unscheduled but not vice versa. For example, operators know that a particular machine needs to be calibrated after 40 hours of work. Operators will know what should be prepared, how long it will take or how much it will cost, but will never know when the machine completes the 40-hour timeline; therefore, it is unscheduled.

How does TITAN CMMS Help with Unplanned Maintenance?

TITAN CMMS - the best maintenance management system will help you manage unplanned maintenance by monitoring assets in real-time and notifying the person in charge when an asset stops working or faces any issues. Since TITAN CMMS streamlines work order management and has A-Z data regarding an asset, it will be much easier for technicians to predict equipment failures by analysing maintenance/equipment history and trends. A reliable CMMS software like TITAN will make the process of unplanned maintenance less tedious and reduce maintenance costs.


Types of Unplanned Maintenance

TITAN CMMS effectively address the three types of unplanned maintenance, which are;

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Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance, in other words, breakdown maintenance, takes place following an unscheduled machine failure. Repairs are not planned before but are executed as a reaction to unexpected asset failure.


Corrective Maintenance

From fixing a minor fault that causes the asset to run slowly to do repairs on completely breakdown equipment, corrective maintenance restores the equipment/asset to its proper operating condition.


Opportunistic Maintenance

While a maintenance activity takes place, we might discover another issue associated with the machine; though it is not planned initially, it will be identified and rectified along with the other maintenance activity that takes place.

TITAN CMMS - The Key to Optimise Maintenance Operations Smart Solution

Worried about managing maintenance operations? TITAN CMMS is here to help! TITAN help organisations track and manage all maintenance-related tasks, boosts asset efficiency and performance, by creating a maintenance request, breakdown request, just do it (JDI), and tasks, at any time from anywhere.

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When to Use
Unplanned Maintenance?

Manufacturing facilities should consider the impact of equipment failure while including unplanned maintenance in their strategy and have a maintenance management system in place. Unplanned maintenance becomes a crucial part of a well-balanced maintenance management strategy when equipment:

  • Is not designed for repair or is located where repairs are not feasible
  • Is not that critical in the production process
  • Is quick, inexpensive and safe to replace or repair.
  • Is designed for replacement at the end of its lifespan.
  • Can be easily overridden.
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