Manage Multiple Maintenance Teams Effectively!

With the right combination of tools and techniques and the team's involvement, TITAN CMMS makes maintenance management more effective.

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What is Maintenance Team Management?

Maintenance Team Management consists of processes and policies that are put in place to work with a focused team to deliver the best results using less time, effort, and money. Maintenance teams are no more simple repair crews; they can be proactive and optimise the equipment maintenance management process. With proper training and support, they will be able to conform to industry best standards and establish lean maintenance practices.

What is Maintenance Team Management

Get Maintenance Team Information in a Single Click

TITAN holds the record of all maintenance operations, including who, what, when and where, and automatically allocates work orders to available technicians. Automatic allocation of work orders reduces the supervisors' efforts to ensure maintenance activities are completed right every time. TITAN CMMS know who is available and allocates and completes work order within no time.

TITAN CMMS Mobile App for Maintenance Teams

Receive real-time updates and instant alerts regarding all maintenance schedules and activities using TITAN CMMS Mobile App. When it is impossible to find a solution on their own, users can reach out to other technicians for help through the live chat option. CMMS manages all machine-related information from its purchase to till-date in a single platform, making it easier for technicians to address issues and rectify them quickly.

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Evaluate Maintenance
Team's Performance

TITAN CMMS provides supervisors with detailed reports regarding each team member's productivity, using which supervisors can closely monitor the employee's performance and provide them with a productivity-based wage and other monetary and non-monetary benefits. By analysing reports on employee performance and productivity, leaders will be able to provide constant support and training to overcome any barriers that hinder employee productivity.

TITAN CMMS - The Key to Optimise Maintenance Operations Smart Solution

Worried about managing maintenance operations? TITAN CMMS is here to help! TITAN help organisations track and manage all maintenance-related tasks, boosts asset efficiency and performance, by creating a maintenance request, breakdown request, just do it (JDI), and tasks, at any time from anywhere.

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Instant Maintenance Notifications for Teams

Response is critical in equipment maintenance management. As soon as a breakdown occurs, notifications are sent to the maintenance team to address, run root cause analysis, identify and close issues. As breakdowns are primarily unplanned, we must ensure that resources are available to address the problems on time. TITAN identifies the nearest available technicians and notifies them about the assigned work order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maintenance management is a process of maintaining a company’s assets and resources to ensure that production takes place effectively without any hindrance. Maintenance management also helps the team assess and use resources efficiently.

A CMMS optimises daily maintenance operations, including initiating, allocating, and executing work orders. CMMS helps the team maximise equipment availability by planning preventive, predictive, corrective and scheduled maintenance.

  • Specify their responsibilities and roles.
  • Schedule and assign tasks.
  • Monitor the quality of their output.
  • Encourage professional growth.
  • Give clear, actionable feedback.
  • Set an example through your actions