Efficient JDI Management Using CMMS

Just Do It (JDI) identifies root cause, does fault analysis and enhances the production process by addressing maintenance breakdown on time.

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Just Do It (JDIs)

Create and assign work orders from wherever you are. TITAM CMMS, JDI Management feature makes it easier for maintenance technicians to receive and carry out maintenance tasks. Initiate and allocate tasks to engineers with a
detailed problem description and possible solutions.


Execute Maintenance
Tasks in No Time

JDI management app automatically identifies the nearest available technician to carry out the maintenance activity and allocates the task to them. Each time a task is created and assigned a detailed notification is sent to the respective maintenance technicians and makes sure they address and solve the problem.

Solve Issues at the Local Level

Machinery management is no longer a herculean task! Solve issues at the ground level as soon as they are identified. Run root cause analysis, detect and address the problem, further take necessary measures to prevent its recurrence. JDI App allows operators to schedule tasks in advance to keep a regular track of the overall productivity and efficiency of the machinery.


Risk Assessment &
Health and Safety Audits

Risk assessment is inevitable while carrying out maintenance operations. Analyse the risk involved in the task with a preset questionnaire provided by the admin and conduct a Health and Safety audit through an inbuilt health and safety matrix. The matrix examines the severity of the risk involved and marks it as ‘Low’ ‘Medium’ and ‘High’.

TITAN CMMS - The Key to Optimise Maintenance Operations Smart Solution

Worried about managing maintenance operations? TITAN CMMS is here to help! TITAN help organisations track and manage all maintenance-related tasks, boosts asset efficiency and performance, by creating a maintenance request, breakdown request, just do it (JDI), and tasks, at any time from anywhere.

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Work Status & Timeline

The live chat option in JDI management allows managers and other operators or engineers involved in the same task to share their concerns and opinions in real-time. Those who are involved in the task are aware of the work status and history. To validate their finding and to ensure transparency, the operator or engineer can add files or images directly from their devices.