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Features Lite Pro Enterprise
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dashboard Reports Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Super Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Process Flow Yes Yes Yes
Project Plan Yes Yes Yes
Overview Yes Yes Yes
Data Rollup Yes Yes Yes
Work Order Management Yes Yes Yes
Scheduled Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Preventive Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Maintenance (JDI) Yes Yes Yes
Predictive Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Inventory Management Yes Yes Yes
Asset Management Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance Team Management Yes Yes Yes
Equipment Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Breakdown Management Yes Yes Yes
JDI Management Yes Yes Yes
Reactive Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Total productive Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Unplanned Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Action Plan and Timeline No Yes Yes
Advanced Reports and Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Filtering & Sorting No Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Import Yes Yes Yes
Export Yes Yes Yes
Storage Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly API Credits (if applicable) No No Unlimited
Mobile/Tablet No No Yes
SMS Notification No No Yes
User Permissions and Privileges Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling and Planning Yes Yes Yes
Time Line View Yes Yes Yes
Custom Integration No Yes Yes
Language Localisation No Yes Yes
Custom Branding No Yes Yes
Configurable Interface No Yes Yes
Customised Reports No Yes Yes
Activity Log No Yes Yes
Out-of-the-box and custom ERP integrations No No Yes
Custom API integrations No No Yes
App exchange No No Yes
Single sign on No No Yes
Database export No No Yes
Initial migration No No Yes

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Frequently asked questions

TITAN CMMS software eases the process of maintenance operations by streamlining maintenance information. TITAN help organisations plan, schedule, and track all maintenance activities by effectively managing work orders, assets and inventory. The maintenance management system collects data from relevant KPIs and evaluates maintenance tasks' performance and effectiveness.

CMMS software centralises maintenance information and eases the process of maintenance operations. Helps organisations plan, track, measure, and optimise everything to do with maintenance on a digital platform.

  • Integrated Platform
  • Reduced Down-time, Accidents, Scrap and Maintenance Costs
  • Easily Manage the Planned Maintenance, JDIs and Breakdown Reporting
  • Optimised Asset and Inventory Management
  • Effective Mobile App to Manage Maintenance Operations
  • Real-time Work Order Updates
  • Reports and Analytics

CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System.

Computerised maintenance management system software helps organisations effectively schedule and execute maintenance-related activities, manage assets, and track work orders.

Yes, customisation can be done. Our team here at LTS will make sure that our TITAN CMMS will match your preference.

Yes, training support will be provided by the LTS team for the organisation to get acquainted with the new system.

Yes, all the updates will be made available to the existing users.

Feel free to talk to our team of experts and get insights on how TITAN CMMS will help organisations organise and manage all maintenance-related tasks. Boost asset efficiency and performance.

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