Reports and Analytics

TITAN CMMS makes reporting easier. Meaningful insights on maintenance operations to make data-driven decisions.

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Track everything you need to know! Get an overview of the number of PMs, Breakdowns, JDSs (Just Do It) and other maintenance operations that take place.


Breakdown Report

Breakdown report allows organisations to identify and replace equipment with more frequent breakdowns. Breakdown history/maintenance timeline records all maintenance activities, enabling teams to make accurate decisions regarding equipment.

Maintenance Report

All information regarding the maintenance activities can be generated and analysed. Be it a machine, location, or department, meaningful insights from reports help supervisors make data-driven decisions.


JDI Report

Just Do It tasks are initiated and executed immediately. JDI reports provide insights on who, what, when and how maintenance activities are completed.

Meantime Report for Machines

CMMS calculate and record the average time required to repair a failed machine or equipment. Operators will be able to identify machines that need more time for repairing and will be able to initiate action plans to reduce the meantime.


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TITAN help organisations track, manage and streamline their maintenance operations, and boosts asset efficiency & performance.


Downtime Report

Thinking of improving machine utilisation? Improve machine performance and utilisation by analysing downtime reports. Identify why a downtime occurred and address the root cause.

Operator Efficiency Report

Identify the top performer with the help of operator efficiency report. Calculate the average time between the task assigned and the operator’s acknowledgement and execution of the task.


Machine Parts Chart Report

Machine Parts Report provides the charts for each machine that show parts produced and rejected by shift and compared to the shift parts goal for jobs over a selected period.

Funds Invested in Machine Parts Report

Funds Invested in Machine Parts Report will help organisations invest wisely in machine parts. The report help teams evaluate the cost spent individually and as a whole, whether what they spent was worth it or not.


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TITAN help organisations track, manage and streamline their maintenance operations, and boosts asset efficiency & performance.


Machine Parts Used Report

Machine maintenance sometimes requires replacing parts. This report helps the team understand the machine parts that are frequently used and help predict future trends regarding the usability and availability of each part.

Work Order Summary

Know how many work orders are created, scheduled, ongoing, completed and closed. Users can filter work orders according to the departments, assigned/responsible person, date range, and know the efficiency of teams and individuals.


Preventive Maintenance Report

Just a Click! Get an overview of preventive maintenance tasks and maintenance schedules (number of PM tasks open, scheduled, closed, and deferred, planned maintenance percentage.

Maintenance Activities Report

Get a complete update on maintenance activities that take place across the manufacturing facility. Maintenance Activities Report will provide insights on what kind of maintenance is more effective in increasing the productivity and lifespan of machines.


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TITAN help organisations track, manage and streamline their maintenance operations, and boosts asset efficiency & performance.


Machine/Equipment History

Equipment History report provides users with all the data related to a particular equipment. Easily retrievable previous data will help technicians plan and schedule maintenance activities and analyse the effectiveness of the machines.

Inventory and Spare Parts Management Reports

Having what you need, when you need it, matters the most. Inventory and spare parts report provides a reliable account of all the maintenance materials and spare parts used/required to get the job done effectively.

Inventory _Management_reports

Maintenance History Reports

Equipment maintenance history reports show all maintenance activities in that machine since its procurement. This will help maintenance teams understand and evaluate machine performance and initiate strategies to enhance productivity.

Custom Reports

Customise reports as per your choice! Generate reports according to your preference and evaluate each process to increase production efficiency. Maintenance management is more reliable using TITAN CMMS dynamic reports.