CMMS Industry Solutions


Manufacturing CMMS Solution

Streamline the entire work order management process and remove inefficiencies. TITAN CMMS is available 24/7 and automatically sends alerts to the facility managers upon a new service request, and updates work status and other emergencies on time.

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Automotive CMMS Solution

With an ever-increasing demand for vehicles, the automotive industry with no proper maintenance management finds it difficult to respond to production demands on time. TITAN CMMS assists facility managers in planning and executing maintenance operations on time to ensure assets are in excellent condition and that nothing hinders the production process.

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Energy CMMS Solution

We are highly dependent on the Energy Industry and its services in our day-to-day activities, and they must render their services to us without any interruptions. Most interruptions are caused due to equipment failure or malfunctioning. Only a centralised, robust and reliable solution will be able to manage all maintenance and work order related activities.

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Marine Vessels (Fleet) CMMS Solution

One of the biggest challenges that the Maritime Industry faces is vessel maintenance management, and the good part is that Marine Vessel/Fleet maintenance is easier now with TITAN CMMS! CMMS helps organisations plan maintenance activities keeps track of the work order from its start to completion.

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Plant Hire CMMS Solution

The Plant Hire or Equipment Rental is part of the service industry providing machinery, vehicles, equipment and tools for a limited period to users who are not willing to buy the equipment. Keeping track of information can be complex for asset-intensive organisations; TITAN CMMS gathers real-time data and automatically manages maintenance schedules to ensure all the equipment is readily available.

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Facilities CMMS Solution

Facilities management is a process of managing and maintaining an organisation's facilities while maximising the company's productivity and improving people. Proper maintenance planning and execution are required to ensure the smooth functioning of facilities. Taking care of asset health is the foundation of a successful maintenance strategy.

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Services CMMS Solution

TITAN effectively tracks work orders and tickets and provide effective invoicing. Manage work orders and maintenance queries from anywhere with mobile access. Improve scheduling and response time, monitor cost, get payments faster, and improve billing accuracy with TITAN CMMS.

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Oil & Gas CMMS Solution

Oil & gas operations play an important part in our day-to-day lives, from heating our homes to fueling our cars. TITAN CMMS helps the oil and gas refineries adhere to compliance standards, carry out maintenance operations, and increase production efficiency.

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Distribution Center & Warehouse CMMS Solution

Maintenance management at distribution centres and warehouses can be quite challenging. Reduced production, delayed maintenance, and unexpected shutdowns will significantly impact revenue. TITAN CMMS takes care of all inventory and maintenance related requirements, ensuring smooth operations.

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Food & Beverage CMMS Solution

Ensuring the health and safety of consumers and adhering to compliance standards are highly important in the food and beverage industry. Food processing and packaging are interconnected, and the availability of concerning machinery and equipment is required to ensure smooth operations.

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Government CMMS Solution

Government and public sector organisations have to deal with maintenance every day, be it the transport, administrative offices, vehicles. Increased reliability and efficiency of assets ensure smooth operations. TITAN CMMS will help organisations improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs and extend the asset lifespan.

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Education CMMS Solution

From innumerable assets to renovation projects, there are many more to track and maintain in Educational institutions. Be it K-12 schools or universities; it is essential to ensure that all assets work to their full potential. With TITAN CMMS solution, maintenance in education institutions becomes easy.

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Healthcare CMMS Solution

Medical devices directly impact the users' health; hence the equipment in the healthcare facility must be well-maintained and adhere to standards to address emergencies. Manually managing the maintenance activities and ensuring the reliability of machines can be tiring and complex, and compromising machine maintenance and its usability involves high risk as even a slight mistake can cost a life.

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Construction CMMS Solution

TITAN CMMS software is an excellent tool to help you stay on track regarding all maintenance work and maintenance requests from the construction site. Construction projects mainly depend a lot on construction assets and their availability; therefore, it is important to keep the assets readily available.

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